Re-reading Traditions

I was talking with my sister last night when she casually mentioned that if she was going to get The Chronicles of Narnia read by the end of the year this year, she had better start reading it soon. I thought “this year?” … and my sister informed me that she has a tradition of reading these books every year at Christmas time. This got me thinking: I like this idea, why have I never thought to do something similar? Am I too busy reading books for the first time to enjoy revisiting old favourites? (yes, I really am. Sad face). If I were to start a tradition of my own of this kind, which book or series would I choose? (No idea, book decisions are hard bro!)

I did spend a few months in the middle of this year doing a re-read of Harry Potter but, alas, life took over and I failed to complete the mission. Would they be a contender for the title of Books I Commit to Revisit Every Year? Mmm… probs… but there are seven of them and the last few are pretty dang long! So maybe not…

My next series of thoughts on this conundrum were along the lines of “perhaps instead of revisitng a certain book or series each year, I could revisit a certain author once a year?” and “perhaps I should give up on this whole idea before I even begin, because really, will you actually be bothered to follow through on this?” (the ‘can’t be bothered’ level in my life is HIGH, my friends).

I have managed to become so distracted while writing this post that I’ve forgotten what the point of it was in the first place. I guess I’m looking for opinions. If there is anyone who actually reads this thing, do you have a re-reading tradition of any kind? If yes (hell, even if no, whatevs) would you suggest that I pick a single book, an author, or a whole series as my sister who reads way faster than I do (totes jelly) does?

Okay, back to work now.


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